What Are Some Benefits Of Dating A Cougar?

When someone is looking for a potential boyfriend/girlfriend, usually their range is around their age. Whether they still be in high school, or entering late adulthood, people are usually attracted to people that are close to their age. While exceptions do exist, as their are plenty of people that have chosen outside of their age range, most people look for people that are relatable to them in maturity and knowledge. However, many people have looked for people that are much older, or in some cases much younger, than them for a potential relationship. A popular choice for many young men for a potential date is a cougar, which is according to dictionary.com, is “an older woman seeking a relationship with a younger man”. While it may seem weird to the public, as there are usually significant age gaps between cougars and their “cubs” which are the targeted men; there are some potential benefits in dating a cougar. » Read more