Dating app increase the dating success rate nowadays


In the current world, everything has went from digitization to mobile. And this is true even for the dating sites. Many of the popular dating sites have gone app only, this was done mainly because of the smartphone revolution. Near about everyone has a smartphone, and everyone wants to go mobile these are the two main reasons that led to the ultimate decision of moving towards app in many industries.

Dating Apps

It has been speculated that one in every 5 Americans uses a dating app. And the others, at the very least know someone who uses the app. Many people have found their partner on an online dating site. General attitude towards the dating sites have improved over the last few years. Many young men are into older women dating, for many reasons. Cougar dating has also become somewhat of a trend in recent years.

Most of the men in America have already used some or the other kind of dating app. It has been observed that the people using these apps are of the age group 20-40. Among these most of the young men prefer to date a cougar. There are sugar momma dating sites and apps, which provide young men with opportunities to go after the available cougars.

Benefits of Using App

Many people prefer to use an app as compared to the older women dating site, as using an app provides them with the freedom to use, co-ordinate or browse through the app, on the go. They don’t need to sit in a place and visit a site to check out the profiles.

App also provide the users with a sense of personalization (as it’s in your phone) that just does not come with a site. Because of this the success rate of online dating has gone up drastically. Over time the attitude towards cougar dating sites has improved dramatically. Increasing number of men are using an app or a sugar momma dating site to find someone who they will like.

Of course everybody does not approve of dating sites and apps, but the number is in a minority. Most of the time these people view this activity skeptically. But compared to before the number of people that have positive vibes towards the dating apps and sites have increased tremendously.

Using online dating provides users a constant influx of people they can meet and choose to meet and if they are compatible, start dating. The experience provided by the app over the site is lot more coveted by the users just because the freedom of mobility. The users also have a wider range of potential partners to choose from thus providing them with a better way to select the best option and enjoy their time together.

Drawback of using app

The biggest drawback of using an app is that, the people using it won’t ever think of settling down, because the magic lamp in their hand (their phones) will always have an option ready for them if they want to call it quit with the current relation.

Somewhat secondary drawback is that, people who are seen using a dating app, are seen as desperate people. This is sadly true, even if more than enough people have entered a committed long term relationship, or are married, to the person who they met through an online dating app or site.

Another drawback of online dating is that, more often than not you have a negative experience with the dating. More than 50% of the time member of the online dating community have a negative experience. The amount of fake profiles available is staggering.

Overall, moving towards the app, has made a lot of good as compared to the negative aspects of it. After all, there is no more noble deed, than bringing two people together.