Cougar Dating Tips for Cubs

Hey, there is nothing wrong with younger men dating and chasing older women. It is trending for older women to date younger men. Thanks to Courtney Cox’s hit TV show Cougar Town, younger men (cubs) are becoming more aware that older women make awesome companions. Successful, mature women like to have fun and feel young, too. The older woman younger man relationship can be a very satisfying relationship.

Society states that a common rule of thumb when it comes to dating, be interested in someone who is half your age plus seven years. That seems a bit strange, and according to recent surveys, 20-something men prefer older women that are three to six years older than themselves.

happy couple flirting at restaurant table

Cougar Dating

1.Remember that an older woman has her own life. You don’t have to worry about entertaining an older woman. Cougar dating means not listening to the complaints that she is bored, or asking where you are or begging for attention. In reality, you will have more interests.

2.Dating older women gives you a great learning experience. They know what they want and can tell you about their sex habits. Maybe some things you have never thought about! They know the restaurants they want to go and have experience in all the classy sports. Be open minded and let them guide you.

3.Be careful with your cougar dating style. Older women are looking for a real relationship and have very little patience for shenanigans. So, be assertive. Don’t be shy. Have confidence. Nothing is sexier than a man who knows what he wants and goes after it.

4.Always be upfront about what you want. This will save time on both sides. If you want just sex, then let your Cougar know. She will let you know if that is enough.

5.Texting is great, but meeting in the beginning requires a call on the phone or a face to face introduction.

6.Don’t keep mentioning her age. Let her know she just looks great.

7. If you are looking for honesty and directness, an older woman comes way out ahead in the honesty area. They have nothing to lose, so they’re direct and know who they are.

8.Don’t misrepresent yourself. If you are using a cougar dating site, make sure the picture you have online is who you are in person. Avoid looking totally different than who you represent in your photo. You don’t want her to misrepresent herself, so don’t try this tactic. Older women have quite a bit of experience with BS. They know when it being used. You don’t have to go out of your way to try and be someone you are not. An older women will see right through you.

9.Let her make the arrangements for the first meeting. She will want to meet you in a public place and expects you to be on time.

10.If she doesn’t respond to your first advance, just like with younger women, walk away and stop keep pestering her.

Find a cougar dating site, sign up, be honest with your profile, and sit back and enjoy the ride.