Cougar Dating: Here’s What You Should Know

Young readers who are not well-oriented of the term cougar may think of them as mountain lion, puma, mountain cat, panther or catamount. Ok, that is the literal meaning of cougar when you look into the dictionary. What we mean here is the ‘cougar’ in the dating scene. Well, have you ever meet a woman in their late 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s who are often seductively well-dressed, do not have wedding ring and often flirt with young men (about ten years younger)? They are the cougar. Do not misconstrue their personality. Oftentimes, they are successful single woman who just prefer to be like that. You can often find them confidently beautiful, the reason why there are young men out there who are constantly engaging into cougar dating.cougar_dating

Basically, countless dating experts admit that this kind of dating is perfect for males looking for a casual hook up- no strings attached. But though it is all about fun and play, there are still some things you should know about (unless your cougar dating gives you a pretty fun and hot time). These things can also help you lower down your expectations about a cougar if ever you accidentally fall in love with someone whom you just met in the cougar dating site or bar.

Who are eligible for this kind of dating?

Eligible sounds too technical, well never mind that. So as what have mentioned above, cougar dating involves older women and younger men. So if you belong to that category, then you are eligible. However, not all young men may feel good about this kind of dating. This basically is not fit for everyone. There is one common thing about older women dating. Apart from being in just a casual relationship with far younger men, this also often includes sex dating. For those who are asking what this is, well it is a sort of relationship wherein the woman and man engage into intimate moments without any serious attachment or commitment- a kind of fun thing for them.

So to be specific, this type of dating is for outgoing, flirty older woman and younger man who just want to have some fun (but there are cases when this kind of dating ends up into real and long-lasting relationships). Prior on entering in this kind of casual relationship, you must be assertive enough to identify and set personal boundaries because in this relationship, imagination is your limit. Moreover, it can be of great help if you first identify the kind of woman you like to date so you can immediately steer away from cougar who are not your type.

Downsides of Cougar Dating

Dating without restrictions (except what you have set) is an ultimate fun. However, you must still take some safety precautions. The trend nowadays is joining cougar online dating sites to meet cougar. You are surely fully aware of the risk brought by this kind of interaction or communication. Basically, all you will see is that person’s profile- nothing else. You would not have any clue of whether or not you are really dealing with a genuine cougar. So it is still vital to ensure security prior on first meeting with that person.