5 Ways You Are Ruining Your Cougar Dating Relationship

Cougar dating has increasingly been popular today. This is not just due to a growing trend, but because of the fact that younger men today prefers a woman with a little maturity, independence, decisiveness, and a woman that knows exactly what she really want. As it so happens, all of these must-have traits are commonly (if not all) found in older women. So whether you are- or you want to be in a relationship with a cougar a decade or two ahead of you, you know that the age will never seem to matter at all. Cougar dating sites like top5cougardatingsites.com have made cougar hunting easier by successfully matching young men to their perfect cougars to date.

Nevertheless, just like any other relationship, cougar dating relationships must also be handled with some pampering and be dealt with very carefully. So in case you are wondering why your funny and perfect moments with your cougar date has suddenly become shaky right now, think everything over. Remember the things you have done and check if you were actually ruining your cougar dating relationship with these 5 things:cougar-dating

  • Saying the same, usual stuff

Remember that older women are way more years ahead of you. This means that they have dated many men before, and although not with the same age gap as the two of you, they certainly have already heard all of the compliments and sweet-talks you could ever think of. One of the reasons why older women prefer younger men is because they expect a more exciting and fun conversation. So if you keep on saying the same, dull and usual stuff, then you are certainly starting to ruin your cougar dating relationship.

  • Starting to show emphasis on the age differences

Older women date younger men because they think they are less judgmental of their age. So if you keep on talking about how she’s still not yet married with that age, or how she can never keep up with the young generation, stop. You are starting to ruin your relationship, albeit inadvertently. Keep in mind that you engaged in cougar dating because age doesn’t matter.

  • Losing respect

The most common signs of losing respect include making disrespectful jokes. These jokes may be funny around your peers; however, you should never think that she’ll be okay with you telling the same disrespectful jokes just because you and her are in a relationship or because she’s older. Older people have the natural need of respect, and that includes her.

  • Comparing to past relationships

Aside from the fact that this will look like you are not over your ex, women will always dislike being compared with other girls- no matter what their age are. You are cougar dating because you want something new, and not talk about your ex.

  • You are losing energy

A sexual encounter is what makes cougar dating exciting. After all, energy and vitality is what attracts many cougar to younger men. That is how many cougar dating relationships started. Losing energy will not only leave your cougar unsatisfied, but will potentially ruin your relationship as well.