5 Cougar Dating Tips That Will Help You Find the Best One

Landing a date with a cougar is a challenge on its own, more so landing a date with not just cougar but a great one. If you’re looking at mature women dating, you’ve come to the right page as we will be giving you 5 cougar dating tips that are proven effective and might just land you the best one.


Find a Cougar in the Right Places


Cougar DatingNow, you would have to be sensitive enough to the older women out there and not just try asking any woman out on a date at any given time. Say you saw an attractive older lady jogging at the park or grocery shopping with a teen who looks like her daughter—those may not be perfect times to present yourself. You aren’t even sure if they are actually cougars or mature women who are open to dating younger guys! The top two venues to look for mature women dating are bars and cougar dating websites. You’d find this information in any other cougar dating tips list you’d ever find and if you’re looking for a successful date with an older woman, these are the best choices you have.


Treat a Cougar the Way You Would Treat Other Women


Don’t think you’re way too important or even kind for considering on mature women dating because there are just too many of you. During a date, treat a cougar the way you would on your other usual dates. Don’t make the woman feel old. Offer to pay the bill. Make it about her and not about you all the time because just like most girls, a cougar would hate a man who is so full of himself. If you’ve met the lady through a cougar dating website, you might be surprised how she can look different than her photo—she could be prettier in person or even older in person. Treat her with respect and compliment her just the way you would with any other woman.


Take Her to a Decent Bar or Restaurant


It doesn’t matter if you met her in a cougar dating website and she has already given ideas on the kind of fun she wants on your first date together. Take her first to a decent bar or restaurant because who knows where she’ll take you in return.


Get to Know Her More Rather Than Rushing Into Things


Not all cougars go on cougar dating sites for sexual favors and adventures. Some are actually searching for a serious relationship. Are you in for that kind of relationship too?


Never Remind Her About the Age Gap on Your First Date


The vibe will be ruined. Yes, the lady is on a mature women dating site because she knows she’s older, and this is the place to look for younger men. You don’t have to remind her because that will just ruin everything.